Chaos to Balance : A Life-Changing Strategy

“I have treated hundreds of patients in my practice and conducted many workshops for people suffering from chaos addiction.┬áThe results of it can be devastating and I believe that my Chaos Theory is going to change the way we as healthcare professionals treat people who feel over whelmed.”

This book is a guide to identifying and managing chaos addiction and the behaviors that result from it. It is written for both chaos addicts and the professionals who treat them, and is based on my eighteen year experience as as social worker. I believe that an addiction to chaos can often manifest itself as other addictions and in this book, Chaos to Balance, it presents a road map for identifying managing and overcoming chaos addiction and its root causes.

I identify the four stages of behavior in chaos addicts, which are:

The triggers that spark destructive behavior and the feelings that surround them.

The decisions we make when confronted with a trigger.

The reactions chaos addicts exhibits as a result of faulty decision making.

The chaos that results from this cycle.

  • A revolution in the methods of identifying and treating the root causes behind our darkest behaviors.

    Vivekanand Palavali M.D.Author of Mindful Life
  • Thanks to Salcido, millions may no longer seek destructive behaviors to fuel the chaos and feat that eat at their very core.

    Patrick MoffetttAuthor of Ice Cream in the Cupboard: A True Story of Early Onset Alzheimer's
  • Your life has spiraled out of control. You're manic: you can't relax; you blow up over small problems; you drink too much and your lash out at the people you love. Now, Chaos to Balance identifies the psychological condition that steals control and hopes from so many . It will change your life

    Stephen Delta ValieAuthor of Rising Above the influence
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