Are you caught in repeating actions with the same results?

Everyday you wake up and do the same thing. Whatever it is, it is unfulfilling and there seems to be no end. There seems to be nothing new and exciting to look forward to, just the same everyday routine.

Are you in search of more balance in your life?

You’ve tried everything to stop the constant chaos but seem to be getting nowhere. There may be some deeper problem you need to work out thats distracting you from a happy life.

Are you not reaching your full potential?

The constant chaos has taken over and you aren’t yourself anymore. You know and want to do better but cant seem to figure out how. The potential is there but always seems to be just out of reach.

My workshops in the Southern California area have helped numerous people break the self-destructive patterns of chaotic behavior and learn to live more balanced lives. and my research in to chaos addiction is shedding new light onto the study of addiction.


Whether you are seeking individual, couples, or family therapy I will help your chaos come to balance and provide you with ,the tools to live your life to the fullest.

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